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Wendish genealogy. Wendish history. Wendish immigration. Wendish emigration. And much more!

This website created and authored by and courtesy of Dan Carter.

The Wendish Research Exchange is being created to provide ready access to materials related to the Wendish/Sorbian experience in the United States and will, as it develops or expands include all parts of the world inhabited by Wends. The materials will include items held by the museum and archives of the Texas Wendish Heritage Society in Serbin, Texas, as well as documents from other sources that would be of interest to researchers and family historians.  In addition, the Exchange will provide an opportunity for people to share Wendish material, promote individual or collaborative projects, and request assistance. 


It is going to take a team of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers to do this.  At this point there are only several computer and web literate people working on the project.  It will take more people and talents.  If you have been blessed with computer, web, hyperspace, or super-hyperspace talents (and others) and are inclined to be kind to researchers, especially family history researchers, whether you are Wendish, Sorbian, German, American or Heinz 57, we could use your help. Learn while preserving history.


The following is a list of roles that need to be filled to more efficiently develop our space on the web.  If there is something that suits your fancy, please let us know.  If you think of something that would be helpful but it is not listed here, please let us know.

The form below may be used to volunteer your services. Please consider how you might assist, and spread the word about this effort.

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Family Documentalist: Is active in meeting with and interviewing family members regarding family memories. May provide video or audio interviews, written reports/stories/articles, family photos, and other documentation of the Wendish heritage.







Web Content Administrator: Works in a specific Topic Area(s) of the website to display content provided by others, or self, regarding the Topic Area. Has good web page design and development skills. All pages to include the site's common header (TBD).
Historian: Similar to Family Documentalist, and is likely to be a Wendish descendant who has recollections to be documented. Historians are not limited to their own family history, but can contribute in any way to capture the Wendish history for future generations. Producing articles and reports, or recordings (audio or video), the historian is truly a key member of the team. May work with a Family Documentalist or Videographer to capture their thoughts.
Event Reporter: Takes notes, photos, and video of family or Wendish events. Reports on the event attended. More than one reporter may cover an event.
Videographer: Should be experienced in video recordings. Access to a video camera is required. Basic knowledge of lighting and sound is preferred. May work with a Family Documentalist, Historian, others, or on their own to capture relevant videos.
Project Manager: Desire to take the lead in organizing and leading a project to successful completion. A Project may be proposed by the Project Manager, or the Project Manager may volunteer to lead a project proposed by others. Projects are to benefit the Wendish/Sorbische community in some way.
Web Genealogist: Participates in adding and maintaining genealogical information on the web site. Expertise in uploading and downloading data from websites helpful but not required. Most activities will involve use of a web application (program).
Financial Backer: Provides financial support for the development and maintenance of the website and of other projects of The Wendish Research Exchange. Appreciates the time and efforts of the volunteers, and promotes success by facilitating the purchase of required web tools and manuals, or other supplies.
Transcriber\Translator: Translates documents from German (and possibly Wendish) to English. And vice-versa. This is a talent and commitment which is valued to the highest degree. If you have the knowledge and the time, your involvement here is most appreciated!